3 Ways to Support Your Community

By Molly Smith

Restrictions are loosening and summer is right around the corner! Our businesses are trying to return to a new normal and the community is ready to support them and get back out. But what is the best way?

  1. Continue Shopping Local

A lot of businesses “pivoted” and navigated to online shopping methods and private shopping sessions to make customers feel comfortable in any situation. Some have experienced a lot of success utilizing this method but are more excited to welcome customers back into their stores. Continue shopping local at Kernersville retailers while practicing safety procedures. Be sure to follow all protocols that the store is requesting they are in place to not only keep their customers safe, but also their staff and themselves.

  1. Continue Eating Local

It is hard to forget that a lot of our restaurants went through a scary time of navigating increased drive-thrus, curbside pickup, and deliveries to their customers. We are lucky enough to be joining them in their dining rooms and seeing the staff when we walk in again. Let’s not forget the importance of our local restaurants when we meal plan for the week! These establishments have contributed to countless sponsorship opportunities that support our local organizations and funded local schools through education grants. Keeping them well supported allows them to get back to normal like we are all craving.

  1. Visit Your Local Tourist Destinations

Now is the best time to be a “hometown tourist!” Our local tourist destinations are often supported and funded by local nonprofits who have actively fundraised throughout the year to keep the facilities maintained and safe. The Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden has been hard at work to bring new events and features to the garden and is open to the public. Their lawn will be opening up this year to live music opportunities and they look forward to hosting more weddings. Körner’s Folly has been undergoing restorations and implementing virtual ways to connect with their visitors and fundraising efforts have been successful! The Folly is open to the public for tours. The Kernersville Museum has added a few new sites to their historic village in the past year and has been home to Santa Claus at Christmastime. Restoration work to the museum has given it a fresh look! The museum is open to the public, free and upcoming events this year will be safe for the entire family.

Kernersville is a wonderful place to live. Let’s remember to come together as a community and support each other as we navigate these challenging times!

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