Exceeding Your Expectations

By NJ Clausen

In May of 2015, Jeff Trinh opened the local branch of Storm Guard in the Triad. Jeff had been working for an international company for 15 years, however, with the introduction of a new president, there was a restructuring of his department. Jeff then collaborated with a Franchise Consultant to find a franchise suited to his experience and long-term goals. The main reason Jeff chose Storm Guard was because the storm restoration business model emphasizes producing quality construction products in a professional customer-oriented manner. Jeff was also familiar with the construction side of the business, as that was what his father had done upon arrival in the United States.

How did Jeff choose to base his franchise in Kernersville? With boundaries of Greensboro to Mocksville and Pilot Mountain to Salisbury, this was the perfect location. In the six years Storm Guard has been here, Jeff has experienced the caring, kind community of Kernersville which includes homeowners who take pride in and care about the investment of their home. While most of the work has been residential, they have also done work on churches, businesses, and apartment housing.

When not at work, Jeff is a Deacon at his church and is active in the Youth Ministry. Originally from Vietnam, his family spent a challenging 3 days at sea before they arrived in Malaysia, where they spent a year in a refugee camp. Jeff feels fortunate and blessed that the family was sponsored by First Scots Presbyterian (est.1731) of South Carolina and brought to the United States. During his childhood, Jeff learned the value of hard work and what can be achieved with set goals. He fondly remembers his ‘American Grandmother,’ a retired teacher who helped with the acclimation and character building of her students. For the first year, Jeff’s father worked for a construction company, then started his own construction business. Jeff’s mother worked actively alongside his father and ran the business.

Jeff studied Business Administration with an emphasis on Finance and Accounting at The Citadel, where he also earned his MBA. He went there on an academic and football scholarship and was in the Air Force ROTC. It was after graduation that he came to North Carolina, procuring a job in corporate finance with Burlington Industries prior to joining Volvo in Greensboro. His last position with Volvo was heavily focused on Customer Satisfaction and Quality for an internal Shared Service Center.

Jeff has the goal of blending the construction industry, including great products and craftsmanship in the installation of each project, with creating a positive customer experience by communicating and interacting with the client. Storm Guard operates in a growing industry where the niche is mainly storm restoration projects, which is needed after a weather event causes damage to the property. Severe storms producing strong winds and hail are a common cause of structural repair needs in our area, along with the occasional tornado. Sometimes the damage is obvious, but when it is on the roof it may not be realized by the homeowner until it is seen on a ceiling or in another area. At that point, it may be past the time when insurance would cover the damage.

Being proactive before the damage becomes problematic and working with both the homeowner and the insurance carriers is what makes Storm Guard stand apart. Jeff emphasized that he understands that property owners rely on him and his team to provide professional advice on potential storm restoration cases, and they work hard to build strong relationships with the insurance community. He aims to help the homeowner get the project approved by the insurance carrier, and Jeff takes pride in making sure that when Storm Guard of the Triad comes to your home to assess damage, they are skilled and experienced at inspecting properties and identifying proper and legitimate damage that is covered by the carriers.

Although the majority of their work comes from restoration, Storm Guard is also able to do inspections ahead of time to identify issues before they fail. The relationships developed with local real estate agencies will sometimes include an evaluation process on a listing with a prospective buyer exercising due diligence, or after a home inspection when work is required. For current homeowners, Jeff encourages preventative maintenance checks, especially on the roof, to avoid costly repairs… a service that he offers at no charge for the diagnostics and estimates.

Storm Guard is a full-service restoration company, however most of the projects involve some aspect of roofing. The materials used for roofing now are exceptional, but there is a natural period of deterioration. These assessments traditionally were done by physical manpower alone. Jeff was excited to share that he has brought in a drone that has changed how they work. Utilizing the technology that makes these inspections safer and more efficient, Storm Guard drones have artificial intelligence designed to look for storm damage. As some roofs are more challenging, the drone can safely acquire information. Currently, over half of all Storm Guard franchises are utilizing these sophisticated drones. About the size of a basketball, the drone has sensors built in to avoid collision and to maintain proximity to its home base. As the drone is used for commercial purposes, Jeff has a FAA licensed pilot on staff.

Quality product, skilled workforce, outstanding customer service, and advanced technology with everybody working towards the same goal of exceeding the norm of the industry–that is what Jeff strives to achieve. When interacting with a client, he encourages his team to treat others as they would like to be treated. To learn more about Storm Guard call 336-283-3197 or visit piedmonttriad.stormguardrc.com.

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