Movement is Medicine

By Amber Mabe

Our bodies are built on patterns. We each have our own habits, both physical and mental, that influence our health and state of well-being. At Body-Patterns Boxing Club & Fitness, founder and personal trainer Sandra Vicente believes body movement patterns are the key to helping people look and feel their best.

Sandra holds a Bachelor’s of Physical Education, and is a Certified Personal Trainer, USA Boxing Coach, and Licensed Massage Therapist. She started out training clients in gyms, but her strong desire to develop her system of training and use that system to help others led her to found Body-Patterns Boxing Club & Fitness. She has made it her goal to share her knowledge with others in order to help people transform into a stronger version of themselves. One of the ways she does this is by teaching her clients how to use movement to manage and reduce pain.

“There are three types of pain,” Sandra says, “pain coming into the body, pain stored in the body, and pain leaving the body.” Pain going into the body includes any pain caused by physical injury. Pain stored in the body comes from emotions such as anxiety or fatigue. Sandra explains that pain leaving the body is the goal of her Body-Patterns theory of movement. Using specific movement and bodywork, the first two types of pain are converted into the third, creating awareness of stored pain and turning that into functional movement. “‘Movement is medicine’ is part of my lifestyle,” she says. “I have experienced its benefits and I have seen the transformation in others.”

The Body-Patterns system is designed to help participants develop motor skills, coordination, agility, and endurance through physical training. This training results in reduced stress, sharper focus, and improved strength. Sandra says her mission is to improve her client’s skills by giving them a solid foundation of overall health and fitness, and a sense of physical well-being. One of the ways she accomplishes this is through her specially developed boxing classes. These classes are available for anyone from beginners to those looking for advanced training. Young people ages 7 to 15 can join the Youth Boxing Club where they will learn foundational tactics and boxing movements designed for their age and developmental needs. HIIT Boxing and Women’s Boxing Club are available for adults, along with personal training and now the opportunity for private or group classes. Sandra’s combined expertise in personal training and massage therapy opens the door for clients who have muscle or joint problems or past injuries or surgeries. Her experience allows her to create custom workouts that will help clients strengthen their target areas while preventing further injury. Sandra says the most fulfilling part of her job is helping people gain strength and confidence. “I enjoy seeing people’s transformation from when they started working out to who they become physically and mentally,” she says. “It gives me purpose in helping people to feel and look better. It feeds my core.”

Sandra believes that personal well-being extends far beyond the walls of the gym and is an intentional part of every aspect of life. We must care for ourselves in other, less tangible ways such as drinking water, eating right and sleeping. “Have a goal and a purpose,” Sandra encourages. “Love and respect others the way you would like to be respected. Improve, learn something new every day, change yourself, and you will see change around you.”

If you are looking for a change, want to challenge yourself by signing up for a class, or simply want to learn more about the great things happening at Body-Patterns Boxing Club & Fitness, give Sandra a call at 336-564-8810 or visit

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