20 Years of Tradition in the Triad

By Amber Mabe

Catholic Education in the United States dates back to the colonial era, and has a long, proud history of providing quality schooling to young people without discrimination on the basis of faith, gender, ethnicity, or socio-economic status. Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School is no exception. Having moved to Kernersville in 2001 from the Winston-Salem area, the 2021-2022 school year marks 20 years at the Kernersville campus and more than 60 years of quality education as an institution.

Thousands of students from all walks of life have passed through the doors of the Kernersville campus, many of them going on to attend prestigious universities and win scholarships. However, Bishop McGuinness is much more than superior academics. Katie Williams, Director of Advancement, says Bishop McGuinness has a lot to offer to students that they may not be able to find in local public schools or even in other private institutions. “I think that when you walk through the doors of Bishop McGuinness you instantly feel a sense of exceptional academics, spiritual formation, community, and an opportunity to participate in activities that maybe you wouldn’t be able to participate in at a larger school, including athletics,” she says. “Although we pride ourselves on being open to all religious backgrounds, I think parents choose catholic education for the tradition, history, and values associated with the Catholic faith, which is centered on the message of the gospel and the example of Christ that we expect our students to portray.”

So what does the enduring tradition of Catholic education look like at Bishop McGuinness? It seeks to go deeper than the outward traditions of neatly pressed uniforms and reach to the heart of each student with a learning environment that promotes spiritual growth and character development. The staff and teachers at Bishop McGuinness desire to see their students not only become successful in their future careers, but also develop into confident, caring adults who are leaders in their communities and who act with compassion and a servant’s heart. In addition to classes focused on faith and character building, students are required to complete the traditional state requirements and 30 hours of community service every year. These hours are divided between serving in churches, helping the less fortunate, and contributing to the local community. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in peer ministry and discipleship programs which allow them not only to deepen their faith, but to grow confident in sharing that faith with others.

Building on this foundation, opportunities abound for students at Bishop McGuinness. A smaller student body and a comparatively large list of electives combine to create an environment where every student is able to participate in the activities he or she desires. With dozens of available electives including various classes in art, drama, music, and even science and history, there is something for everyone. With a large percentage of the student body participating in sports, Bishop McGuinness continues to excel both on local and state levels. Just this year, the men’s cross-country team brought home the state title, and a female student became the state champion for women’s individual tennis. Every year the Bishop McGuinness Villains continue to uphold their reputation for athletic prowess in North Carolina.

Students from a multitude of backgrounds come from all over the Triad to attend Bishop McGuinness, traveling from cities as far as Burlington and Salisbury. This alone is a testament to the school’s reputation for quality education. With 440 current students, the 2021-2022 school year marks the sixth consecutive year of enrollment growth at Bishop McGuinness. Already the largest non-public high school in the Triad, Bishop McGuinness continues to grow toward a bright future and a continuation of their already long-standing legacy. Sharing that vision is the newly appointed Head of School, Dr. Jared Rashford. Dr. Rashford brings with him 20 years of educational experience and a passion to see students, including two of his own children who are currently attending Bishop McGuinness, succeed academically and as members of their communities. “Bishop’s shared community of students, faculty/staff, alumni, and parents encourages one another to live out our mission each and every day. Our Kernersville campus allows us to offer a Bishop education to students from across the Triad, and we encourage new families to visit with us and experience life at Bishop,” Dr. Rashford says.

If you are looking for a school that will encourage your child to become not only a better student but a better person, Bishop McGuinness may be the perfect fit. With an environment that invites students to love learning and that seeks to develop the soul and the mind, Bishop McGuinness will continue to be a bastion of faith-based education in the Triad. “After 12 years, I continue to be grateful for the relationships and community that is here, we have staff, students, and families who support our mission and make sacrifices each day to be able to choose Catholic education and for that I am grateful,” Katie Williams says.

Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year at Bishop McGuinness is currently open, and they welcome tours and visitors who want to learn more about the school. For more information, to schedule a visit, or to learn how to enroll, call 336-564-1010 or visit us online at www.bmhs.us.

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