Treating the Underlying Cause of Peripheral Neuropathy

By Bruce Frankel

Debilitating nerve pain is almost impossible to understand unless you are experiencing and suffering from it or are close to someone who does. Every nerve in your body has a specific function, so the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy depend on the type of nerves affected. Some people experience sharp pain, electric-like pain, or burning sensations, while others experience numbness and tingling, sensitivity to touch, or loss of their ability to feel normal sensations in the extremities resulting in balance problems and falls. While there are dozens of causes of the condition known as Peripheral Neuropathy (PN), what is happening to the nerves and how it happens is the same in nearly every case. Peripheral Neuropathy develops when blood flow is restricted to the nerves, slowly starving them of the oxygen and nutrients they need to survive and repair. Diabetes accounts for about a third of these cases. Another third arises from exposure to chemical agents and certain medications, like chemotherapy. Still another third of the cases are idiopathic, meaning arising spontaneously or from an obscure or unknown cause.

Sadly, treating neuropathy with medications does not stop the condition (and its symptoms) from progressing. As symptoms progress, the toll they take on an individual’s quality of life becomes more and more substantial. Many people with neuropathy have difficulty sleeping, walking unassisted, living independently, and even driving their vehicle. In severe cases, tissue death may call for partial or complete limb amputation.

Now, thanks to the doctors at Aligned Health and Wellness, there is hope for those who want to get their lives back. Aligned is a unique practice that helps people live more healthful, productive, and active lives and they believe the best way to address this complex problem is with a comprehensive solution.

Since opening their practice in Kernersville 15 years ago, both Dr. Jessica Katz and Dr. Joshua Katz have dedicated themselves to helping their community get well and stay well, one person at a time. Their team of healthcare professionals is focused on treating each patient as a whole person. Since peripheral neuropathy is a chronic progressive condition that traditional treatments do little to correct, they believe the best treatments are designed to address the cause rather than merely treating the symptoms. This means patients become active participants in the treatment process.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to fix Peripheral Neuropathy. Presently, most sufferers of Neuropathy rely on traditional treatment which is prescribed medication. Often, prescribed medication is increased as the condition gets worse but at best only masks the symptoms and does not address the underlying cause.

It is well established in scientific literature that peripheral nerves can and do heal. The key issue is that not only do patients need to get the nerves healing, but they have to stop whatever is causing the nerve damage in the first place. When the underlying cause of the neuropathy is addressed, and the nerves are provided the oxygen and nutrients they need, it optimizes the ability of the nerves to heal.

At Aligned, their exclusive treatment protocols help to rejuvenate nerves naturally and have returned many of their patient’s feet and/or hands to normal with no surgery, no addictive medications, and no injections!

Care at Aligned starts with a comprehensive intake and physical exam to find the treatment plan that is right for the patient, whether their neuropathy has a known cause like diabetes or chemotherapy or has a cause that is yet to be determined.

Drs. Jessica and Joshua Katz do not rush through the process and you would be impressed with the time and effort they take to educate, evaluate, and learn the status and history of the patient to determine if their program would be appropriate.

Since every patient is uniquely different, each treatment plan is based on what is best for each individual case. Their innovative physician-supervised protocols are specifically designed to improve the health of the nerves and minimize the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, while allowing patients to regain their health. From the primarily home-based treatment strategies, most patients see results in the first 90 days!

Currently, Aligned Health and Wellness is offering a free consultation and thermal scan to learn if this program is right for you. You can reach them at 336-390-9400 or visit their website at

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