Blessing Your Children with Love and Thankfulness

By Sabrina Church

What a beautiful season we have entered into. It is my favorite season because it is the season of thankfulness and gratefulness. What a breath of fresh air it is to be able to just sit and live in contentment. We do not get this opportunity very often!

As I sit here and think about all the things that I am thankful for, my children make the top of my list. Parenting is not easy. There are many seasons of parenthood, and no one is there to tell you what season you are in and when they change. You just have to be aware of them.

You know, no matter what season of parenthood that you are in, parents have a very unique responsibility in every season to speak blessings and life over their kids. Whether they are babies learning to coo, or teenager learning to drive, we can speak life and blessing over our children. Parents should be their children’s number one cheerleader. I don’t mean cheering them on in everything they do, but parents should know their kids better than anyone else. Parents have this amazing ability to see their kids’ true personalities, their God given talents and gifts, their hopes and desires, even their hardship and failures. A parent’s words and actions toward their kids can either lift their kids up and help them soar, or their words can crush their kids turning them into someone they were never meant to be.

Throughout history parents would give their children an inheritance, but the inheritance was not always a physical one. They would speak a blessing over their kids’ lives. The things that the parents spoke over their children carried a lot of weight. Many times, the children would prosper because of the blessing. The fun thing about that is we still have that ability to this day. It does not mean your children will be financially wealthy, but by your words and encouragement they can be very successful by living out their true purpose in this life.

Bringing this out in your children is not a one-time speech though. We must see our children’s hearts and raise them up and encourage them to follow their dreams and desires. We also must keep in mind that how we treat our kids is our permission to the world how everyone else can treat them as well. If you treat your kid like a nuisance, others will start believing that as well. If you treat your child like they have a purpose in this world, others will see that about them as well.

We have the power to speak life over our children and no matter how cruel this world is to them; they can always have the confidence that their mother and/or father could see them for who they truly are. When they fail and they doubt themselves, they can search that safe place within that reminds them who they truly are and to keep trying. They will remember their parents cheering them on.

I know as parents we have our own goals and dreams for our children, but do not allow your dreams for them to stand in the way of you truly knowing them for who God created them to be. If you struggle knowing your child’s gifts, enter into a state of thankfulness for them, write out what you love about them, and over time you will see your child’s gifts and talents. You will be able to lift their spirits in ways that no one else can do.

This holiday season, when you are buying your children’s gifts, remember they have a gift inside them that they need help shining. Your encouragement and guidance can be a life changing gift, one that no amount of money can buy!

Speak life over them, invest in their dreams, give them an inheritance that no one else can give except for you!

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