A Commitment to Thrive: Aligned Health + Wellness

By Amber Mabe

Life is a journey. We are all familiar with the concept that every one of us is on a path to a destination, with each turn or stop along the way being determined by factors that are unique to each person. We actively pursue life-defining factors such as careers, relationships, and hobbies, but are we pursuing our own health with the same determination? Drs. Joshua and Jessica Katz of Aligned Health and Wellness have devoted their lives to helping people bring together their personal health goals with their lifestyle goals: something that requires hard work and commitment from all parties involved.

Even from the time they met in college, Drs. Katz shared the desire to help others through natural healthcare. In 2007, they were married and moved to Kernersville to begin practicing chiropractic care, having been drawn to the area for its small-town feeling. For the past fifteen years, they have treated and educated patients in their growing practice, while also raising a family and finding ways to give back to the community. Kernersville has been a great fit for the couple, who are just as excited about growth in the community as they are about growing their business. Just as one should avoid stagnant water, Dr. Jessica believes forward movement and dynamic change are essential to success, both personally and professionally. “If there is a way to help take care of patients better, that is what we are interested in,” she says. As their practice has continued to evolve, Drs. Jessica and Joshua have always been on the lookout for innovative technology and training, seeking solutions for patients who have been previously told they must simply live with their chronic pain or illness.

One such condition is Peripheral Neuropathy: a notoriously difficult-to-treat breaking down of nerves that can often cause debilitating pain and eventual disability. Peripheral Neuropathy is a progressive condition that can quickly steal a person’s quality of life, and many patients are told that medication is their only option for managing their pain. After years of searching for treatments that targeted the underlying causes of neuropathy, Drs. Katz learned of evidence-based treatment protocols that were effective in helping greater than 90% of all neuropathy patients treated. They knew this was something they needed to bring to the Kernersville community. They began learning these protocols and simultaneously worked to earn their certification in neuropathy from the American College of Physical Medicine. “Dr. Jessica and I have found a tremendous amount of joy and personal satisfaction in looking at problems that do not respond to typical types of care, even typical chiropractic modalities,” says Dr. Joshua. “To have an actual answer for patients that produces legitimate, reproducible, life-changing results is the most fun we have ever had in the practice. For many patients, it is the difference between truly living their lives or just existing.”

Since beginning to treat Peripheral Neuropathy, nearly 80% of all their new patients are neuropathy cases, many traveling from over an hour away, and many of whom had not yet received an official diagnosis. At Aligned, one of the most vital parts of treatment is the initial consultation: something Drs. Katz and their staff take very seriously. “A consultation is where we really get to know the patient. We learn what they are experiencing and how it is affecting their life,” says Dr. Jessica. “So much of what we have the ability to do comes from listening to our patients, so we take a lot of time to make sure they are heard. That is a key ingredient to helping patients get on the right path.”

The doctors and staff at Aligned know that it is important for patients to receive individualized care based on their unique circumstances, and to be well informed in order to take ownership and responsibility for their own health. Compassion and integrity form the backbone of all treatment at Aligned, where the staff believe that dependability and open communication are important both between staff members and when interacting with patients. When it comes to treating neuropathy, trust and mutual understanding between doctor and patient is essential for success. As neuropathy is a chronic, progressive condition that often takes years to develop, the treatment is a process that requires not only a desire to improve one’s health, but the commitment to participate in one’s own healthcare. Those patients who persist, however, have been able to see amazing improvements. For one patient who suffered from numbness in his extremities and balance issues for years after undergoing chemotherapy, treatment at Aligned meant avoiding amputation or confinement to a wheelchair. “I just had my 90-day check up on the progress and have definitely gotten better,” says Michael. “I start(ed) having feeling in my feet and toes. I haven’t fallen. My family says I’m walking around better. It pays off, and I think I’m living proof and I just can’t wait to see how much further we can go. I’m really happy.”

For many patients, receiving treatment at Aligned gives them the freedom to live the life they have worked their whole lives to achieve. Although Peripheral Neuropathy can affect people of all ages, it is most often found in older adults. Drs. Joshua and Jessica believe no one should be robbed of their retirement, be forced to find someone else to care for a spouse, or feel defeated after a victory like surviving cancer. For patient Grace, a diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy and being told there was no known treatment had made her feel as if her health was going downhill. “Twelve weeks after starting my treatment at Aligned there was a noticeable improvement,” says Grace. “As a result, I have much better balance, less cramps, and can sleep better at night. The doctors here are very sincere and want to do everything that they can to help you.”

For a person who believes they may be suffering from the early signs of Peripheral Neuropathy, there is never a better time than right now to schedule a consultation. Early treatment produces the best results, and the staff at Aligned believe prompt and attentive care is the best care. New patients are typically seen within three days of contact, and consultation and test results are delivered within 48 hours. This phenomenal level of care gives patients peace of mind and enables them to begin their treatment journey as quickly as possible.

Whether you are suffering from symptoms of neuropathy or want to take advantage of the other treatments that Aligned offers, let today be the day that you take control of your own journey toward a more healthful life. For more information about Aligned or neuropathy treatments, visit alignednc.com or call 336-996-7007.

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