Savoring 25 Years of Authenticity

By Amber Mabe

Kernersville has become widely known as a town steeped in history and tradition, while continuing to embrace innovation and growth as the Triad expands. Many things have changed in Kernersville over the years, while others have stood the test of time as landmarks in the community. One such place is Amalfi’s Italian Restaurant.

First opened in 1997 by Agostino & Maria Errichiello, Amalfi’s is celebrating 25 years of serving authentic Italian food in the Triad. Born in southeast Italy, Agostino moved to the United States as a young man, hoping to find better opportunities for himself and his family. He quickly discovered a passion for sharing fresh, delicious food as a chef and restaurant owner. Agostino and his family settled in Kernersville, embarking on the exciting adventure of owning and operating a family restaurant. Named for the Amalfi coast, a picturesque coastline near the village where Agostino spent his childhood, it was not long before Amalfi’s became a favorite place for Kernersville locals to gather and enjoy a true taste of Italy.

In 2014, Agostino was joined by his nephew, Vincenzo. Vincenzo began his restaurant career early, working during school breaks and summers when he was a teenager in Italy. When he turned eighteen, he began spending summers in the United States. It was while working in his father’s New Jersey pizzeria that he learned to make authentic New York style pizza. Although he enjoyed his work at his father’s restaurant, at age 25, Vincenzo was looking for a change. “I moved from New Jersey to North Carolina for new opportunities,” says Vincenzo. “Life in New Jersey was expensive, so I decided to move here and help my uncle with the business and have a chance for a better lifestyle.”

After eight years of hard work alongside his uncle, Vincenzo became the new owner of Amalfi’s in May of 2022, when Agostino retired. Long-time employee and former restaurant manager Andi Tollefsen says she is excited for the new chapter Vincenzo is bringing to the restaurant that is so dear to her heart. “I know he is going to breathe some new life into Amalfi’s,” says Andi, whose working relationship with the family spans 21 years. “I know he is making a lot of good changes, and he is maintaining the quality of the food.” She says the things that made working at Amalfi’s such a great experience were the family atmosphere and the commitment to a quality product. “When you are working at a restaurant and you see how they care for their food, the way they keep the kitchen, and the practices that they use, that means a lot.” Andi’s connection with Amalfi’s now extends to her son and daughter, who have both had great experiences working at the restaurant.

The relationship between Vincenzo’s family and their staff is one of the things Vincenzo says makes Amalfi’s a special place, as well as the loyalty of long-time customers. Some, like Grace Hudson, fall into both categories. “I used to go to Amalfi’s even as a kid, so when it came time for me to get a job I immediately thought of Amalfi’s,” says Grace, who has worked as a host and a waitress at Amalfi’s since 2014. “Everybody there is just like family. Vincenzo and Agostino are just as loyal to their employees as we are to them, and that really makes it special. It is hard to find that sort of atmosphere in other workplaces.”

Such a long history of quality food, good values, and excellent customer service has made Amalfi’s a popular Kernersville destination. They take pride in being a part of the ever-growing Kernersville community, making yearly donations to various charities, churches, and schools. Amalfi’s also contributes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, raising money for blood cancer research. The restaurant supports local agriculture by using farm to table ingredients, while sticking to old family recipes that have been passed down through the generations. “Following the tradition of my family and cooking old Italian recipes has kept us in business for a long time,” says Vincenzo. “My goal for the future is to always keep the traditions of my family that my uncle started, while staying up to date with technology and innovations in the restaurant.” Vincenzo says he is grateful to the Kernersville community for supporting their local business for the last 25 years, and he hopes that they will continue to for many years to come. Plans for Amalfi’s future include renovations to the restaurant and the addition of new technology that will make it easier to continue providing the best service to their growing customer base.

Much more than just pizza, Amalfi’s serves a wide variety of Italian cuisine, including pasta dishes, chicken, seafood, sandwiches, and, of course, delectable desserts. Amalfi’s is the perfect choice for celebrating special occasions, whether it be an intimate dinner with friends and loved ones, or catering a large event. A private party room is also available on site for large group reservations. Whether Amalfi’s is a long-standing tradition in your family, or a local restaurant you have been meaning to try, Vincenzo hopes you will stop by and continue supporting one of Kernersville’s favorite family-owned restaurants.

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