Heart Healthy Programs to Get You Moving

By Heather Wood Chapman

February brings a love of healthy activities and community events that bring us together. Kernersville Parks and Recreation loves bringing our citizens and participants programs that celebrate family traditions and healthy lifestyles. Save the dates below to share the love with us.

February has always been the month that celebrates love, friendship and all things heart-shaped. Celebrate your love on Wednesday, February 8, from 6:00-8:00pm with Clink Paint and us! Follow along with our artist, while munching on complimentary chocolate treats. No experience needed to complete your very own masterpiece to hang. Our event is perfect for date night, Galantines, and a date with your kids! To see the three Valentine themed paint options, visit www.kvparks.com.

Don’t let those mid-winter blues get you down. There are plenty of activities to get out, socialize and get moving this winter.

Do you share a love for basketball, soccer, football and hockey? Why not join the game of lacrosse, that combines many strategic tactics and style of play? The Cannons lacrosse program is designed for boys and girls’ grades Kindergarten through 7th grade. No experience is needed, our coaches will give you the fundamentals to play and enjoy the game. Practice will be held Mondays and Wednesdays with game days on Saturdays. All new players (boys) can borrow protective equipment with a deposit. All players will need to provide their own stick. Fee includes a uniform to keep after the season concludes. Additional USA Lacrosse membership is required by all players.

Gymnastics and Tumbling are considered one of the best physical activities for children. The benefits include increased confidence, coordination, strength, balance and flexibility. In addition, both are a good vehicle to increase a child’s self-esteem as they progressively master new and more challenging skills. See below our class curriculum offerings. All tumbling class registrations can be found at www.kvparks.com.

Tiny Tots Gymnastics – Girls and Boys, Ages 3-6 years of age
Come learn the basics of tumbling on Wednesdays from 5:00-5:30pm. This class helps increase fine motor skills while having fun! We learn forward and backwards rolls, cartwheels and much more!

Beginners Tumbling – Girls and Boys, Ages 6-11
Beginners tumble classes are beneficial for cheer, dance, gymnastics, martial arts and more! We will work on handstands, roundoffs, walkovers and more. This class takes place on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:15PM.

Advanced Tumbling – Girls and Boys, Ages 7 and up
This class requires that you MUST be able to do a roundoff and back walkover to attend. This class will work on aerials, handsprings, tucks and more! Join us Wednesdays from 6:15-7:00PM.

If you are still looking forward to warmer days and time well spent in the parks, spring sports are just around the corner. Get a jump start on spring registrations for our Mentor Tennis program. Lessons are held at Fourth of July Park and intended to help you improve your game of tennis. These classes are for beginners and intermediate tennis players youth and adult. Class sizes are limited, so please send your registration ASAP. If interested contact Coach Rod Pearson at mentorent@gmail.com.

At Kernersville Parks and Recreation, we hope our offerings help you beat the winter blues by keeping you engaged and active in the community.

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