What is Leadership Kernersville?

By Ashley Sinclair

Leadership Kernersville is conducted each year, and has an alumni list of 200+ community leaders since its inception in 1993. This program currently operates September through May, meeting once a month for a full day. Topics include economic development, regionalism, education, history, law enforcement, government, health care, and human services. The program identifies current and future leaders within the community to provide insight as to how Kernersville functions as a community (both internally and externally within the Piedmont Triad region and the state of North Carolina) and to further prepare participants for leadership roles and involvement within the community, the region, and the state.

Here are just a few quotes from our recent Class of 2023 graduates: 

“Leadership Kernersville has been an eye-opening experience into the intricacies and sacrifices required to run a successful town.  Now when I drive through Kernersville, and see things such as garbage pickup, roadwork, new businesses opening, and school buses dropping kids off, I no longer take these services for granted but realize the work, logistics, and planning that make all this possible.”

– Tim Dixon, President-Solve, Inc. 

“Living here less than two years, Leadership Kernersville was a great opportunity for me to get to know the town and meet so many incredible leaders in our area. I highly recommend it!”

– Eddie Schmidt, Senior Associate Pastor-The Crossing Church

“Leadership Kernersville has been an amazing experience.  Not only have I made lifelong friends, but it pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone.  I have lived in Kernersville my entire life, but learned so many new things about our town that I did not know about until I went through Leadership classes.  I would strongly recommend this experience to anyone.  You will learn and laugh along the way!”

– Lisa Hedgecock, Executive Assistant-Kernersville Chamber

“If you are a business owner or your employer is in the Kernersville community, it is the most valuable program to learn and understand Kernersville’s demographics, community, and history.  My employer, Julie Whatley, also completed Leadership Kernersville a couple years ago and we talk about all the cool things we learned, and relationships made.  Start thinking about the 2023-2024 class and sign up.  The commitment is only one day a month, food and supplies provided. Thank you, Kernersville Chamber, Town of Kernersville and amazing sponsors and hosts. Chris Booth and Natalie Deaton Babson are amazing leaders for Class of 22-23.”

– Tacy Burdette, Admin-Whatley Law

“Leadership Kernersville was the perfect opportunity to learn more about the town! Not being a Kernersville native, it was great to learn about the history of the town and meet all the wonderful people who keep the community thriving!”

– Calista Ambrosia, Communications Specialist-John Deere Kernersville

“Leadership Kernersville has provided me with insight as to how our small town functions as a community from Town Hall, Fire & Rescue, Law Enforcement to Economic Development.” 

– Amanda Ruark, Finance Director-Kernersville Chamber

“Being new to Kernersville, this program has provided me with an exceptional amount of knowledge about this community. From learning years of history, the Forsyth County education system, and the everyday lives of our local heroes, fire and law enforcement. Additionally, I have made connections with people that I would not have the opportunity to do so, if it were not for LK. I have no doubt that each and every one of them would help me in the future with a simple task or even join me for coffee one afternoon! It is both of these things, and much more, that have made this experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you to the Day Chairs Committee, our community leaders who volunteer their time for this program, you are all amazing leaders to follow your footsteps.”

– Ashley Sinclair, Marketing Director-Kernersville Chamber

If you are interested in applying for Leadership Kernersville, reach out to Ashley Sinclair at the Kernersville Chamber, ashleysinclair@kernersvillenc.com or call 336-993-4521.

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