The Future of Auto Care: Car Care Made Simple

By Amber Mabe

We live in an unparalleled age of convenience. Groceries, home goods, and takeout can be delivered in no time at all with the click of a button. Work, school, and even some medical appointments can take place in the comfort of our own homes. So why should vehicle care be any different? Carmine’s Import Service is bringing car maintenance in Kernersville into the future with their cutting-edge technology and exceptional level of service. 

From classic imports to the latest electric vehicles, Carmine’s Import Service is equipped to provide full, whiteglove level service to your vehicle in the most trustworthy way. Founder and President Carmine Cupani brings a unique skill set and twenty-four years of specialized experience to the table. He and his highly trained crew work hard to stay up to date on the latest innovations and developments in the industry. Since 2020, they have completed specialty training on nine different Tesla vehicles in order to offer Tesla maintenance to their clients. Now fully equipped to service hybrid and electric vehicles, Carmine’s has installed six 48-AMP vehicle charging stations, which are a part of the official Tesla charging infrastructure and are available for view on the Tesla app or in the car. Non-Tesla EV clients are also welcome to use the chargers, as well as an older standard J1772 charger, and five Tesla NACS chargers that can be used with non-Tesla vehicles with an adapter. Boasting more computer technology and industry knowledge than any other shop in the Triad, Carmine says his history of professional driver coaching and vehicle testing allows Carmine’s Import Service to offer an elite level of care. “We have access not only to physical equipment, but also to information that makes troubleshooting easier and more accurate,” says Carmine. “We also have close ties with several Original Equipment Manufacturers that other shops do not.” Long before a client’s vehicle enters the shop, a stress-free, personalized experience is being created for each person.

As the popularity of electric vehicles increases, Carmine warns potential buyers to beware of false information concerning the maintenance of EV and hybrid vehicles. “You’re investing in a driving experience, and in an asset that you are in for a lot of hours per week,” says Carmine. “If you get the ‘bug’ to transition to an electric vehicle, remember that this is all very new to everyone except Tesla.” Carmine’s Import Service recommends plug-in hybrid vehicles over electric-only vehicles other than Tesla, and reminds customers that switching to EV does not mean less maintenance in the long run. “EV’s can be extremely maintenance-heavy and require the same amount or more maintenance than the car you currently drive,” says Carmine. 

Have no fear, however, as Carmine’s Import Service is ready to make whatever maintenance you require into a hassle-free, worry-free experience. From the moment your vehicle starts making a suspicious noise, or an unfamiliar light pops up on the dash, Carmine’s is ready to make your life easier. Clients can choose to schedule maintenance via text message, online, or by phone. Each method is met with excellent customer service and prompt scheduling. Carmine’s offers luxurious customer benefits such as complimentary vehicle pickup and drop off, ride share vouchers, and even long-range shuttle service to virtually anywhere in the Triad. Digital documenting, including step-by-step photos and videos, allow clients to take an active role in their maintenance decisions, giving them the ability to approve estimates from work or home. Every finalized repair or service is then entered into the vehicle’s Carfax and managed health portfolio, but only after client approval. Clients of Carmine’s do not have to worry about being pressured into unnecessary maintenance. Not only are Carmine’s Technicians Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and High Voltage certified, but they are also held to an unwavering standard for honesty and customer service. “Honesty is a priority,” says Carmine. “My team is the best of the best. There isn’t any better. I guarantee it. I would caution clients about being fooled by imitators.” Rated Top Shop in the Country by the Automotive Technical Institute, Carmine’s is Technet Certified and held to a higher standard for employee training, customer service, cleanliness and accessibility, and their commitment to a code of ethics. Co-founder Wendolynn Cupani works together with her husband, Carmine, to make car service accessible and comfortable for everyone, regardless of age or gender. Clients of Carmine’s Import Service can feel confident bringing their vehicles in for service, without risk of discrimination or discomfort. Even the lobby and facilities were designed with this inclusivity in mind. 

Carmine’s expertise, strong work ethic, and personal values grew out of years of dedication, tracing all the way back to his early days on Long Island. With family roots in Palermo, Sicily and being the first generation on his mother’s side to have been raised in New York, Carmine left New York in 1996 to study information technology in North Carolina. Graduating with a degree in networking infrastructure, Carmine developed an interest in BMW repairs. As the industry changed and vehicles became more technologically advanced, Carmine was in a unique position to combine his degree with his interest and experience in vehicle maintenance. Opened in 2008, Carmine’s Import Service has grown by leaps and bounds ever since. The diverse team functions like a family, as Carmine continues to be committed to putting his employees first even as the company grows. “Most say the client is always right,” says Carmine, “but first, things must be right for the company, then the employee, the car, and the client. If these don’t line up, you will have a misfire.” Carmine says his decision to settle in North Carolina was the best thing to ever happen to him, and that the state has a special place in his heart. Carmine’s Import Service has become an integral part of the Kernersville community and is active in local charities and community organizations. Most recently, Carmine’s Import Service made a large donation to local Christian schools in order to further students’ education through technology, as well as a donation of pallets of bottled water for the children.

There is no denying that Carmine’s Import Service brings value to the Triad. Carmine and his team are waiting to welcome clients who are looking to care for their investment and know that their vehicle will be in the best hands. For more information, visit

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