Piecing Together the Past and the Present

By Ashley Sinclair

With the advent of modernization and the fast-paced rhythm of life, the historical fabric of small towns often faces the threat of erosion. Local landmarks, traditions, and stories that once defined these communities can be easily forgotten amidst the rapid changes of the present day. Recognizing this dilemma, the Chamber Ladies embarked on a unique initiative to safeguard its historical significance: a local puzzle project. The puzzle contains photos of several landmarks in Kernersville such as Pinnix Drug Store, the Depot, Körner’s Folly, and much more.

The concept behind the puzzle project is simple yet ingenious – by assembling a jigsaw puzzle featuring iconic images and scenes from the town’s history, residents and visitors alike can immerse themselves in a journey through time. Each puzzle piece becomes a small fragment of the town’s narrative, a bridge between the past and the present.

The success of the local puzzle project lies not only in its end product but also in the collaborative spirit that it has ignited within the community. Over the last several months, Amanda Ruark, Director of Finance, Tourism and Economic Development, wanted to create something for our community not only for economic development but also tourism and to showcase our historical heritage in Kernersville. 

Some places featured in the puzzle are current and historical photos of Körner’s Folly, The Factory, Stuart Motor Company, Dobson’s Tavern, and North Main Street. Current photos included in the puzzle are Kernersville Chamber of Commerce, Kernersville Police Department, Kernersville Fire Station 42, the clock tower at The Depot, Pierce-Jefferson Funeral Services, Fourth of July Park, Kernersville Museum, Harmon Park, Town Hall, and the Kernersville welcome sign off Shields Road.

Careful attention was paid to detail, ensuring that every element of the puzzle accurately represented the architecture, landscapes, and people of the town during different eras. The puzzle’s intricate design serves as both a visually appealing recreation and an educational resource, fostering a deeper understanding of the town’s history.

For now, the 500-piece puzzle can only be purchased at the Kernersville Chamber, 134 E Mountain Street, during office hours which are Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm. We ordered 500 hundred and during the last month have sold over 100 already. They are $20 cash or $25 if you have to use card. As you stop in to buy a puzzle, the Chamber Ladies put together and framed the puzzle for anyone who would like to come and view it. 

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