New to Kernersville

by Taytum Marler

For over 150 years, Kernersville has been home to many families. The back roads and local hot spots being second nature, but what does Kernersville look like through new eyes? With the constant influx of newcomers moving into the area, it is a good idea to see how this town looks to unfamiliar eyes. I myself have recently moved here, and I am slowly getting to know what it means to be living in Kernersville. I have visited Kernersville many times but never really took the time to discover the town. 

The first thing that should be apparent to anyone in Kernersville is the historical atmosphere of the town. The most well know historical building being, of course, Korner’s Folly. Known for its interesting architecture, the Folly is a must see for anyone who would like to know the heart of Kernersville. It is one of the most unique places I have visited since moving here, it is a beautiful building that truly fits what Kernersville is. The history does not stop there though. From old churches and office buildings to the train depot and museums, the town of Kernersville takes pride in its past. Each historical attraction offers an abundance of knowledge that anyone, regardless of how long they have lived here, would love! As I walked up and down the streets of downtown Kernersville for the first time, I was in awe at some of the buildings—each one had an incredible and unique look to it that took you back in time. As someone who is fascinated with history, I had a wonderful time being able to explore Kernersville and learn about its history.  

Although Kernersville is a much busier place than I am used to, the roads are easy to learn, and the people are welcoming. Very quickly will you feel at home. As I have just moved here from a small town in Tennessee, it has definitely been an adjustment, but I am quickly learning my way around. Albeit, my way of learning the way around is getting lost every time I take a drive, doing a million u-turns, and eventually realizing where I am and which roads connect! Even though the town itself is much bigger than where I am from, the overall feel is still very warm and inviting like that of a small town. From driving around town, you will find many ways to spend your time. There is a wide variety of shopping stores and restaurants for you to choose from. I recently spent a day shopping, walking around downtown, and even heading over to the farmers market for some fresh flowers. I have also seen many places to hike around Kernersville, which I am very excited to try out, and once the weather gets a little cooler that is just what I will do! 

When I first moved here, I was surprised by everything that was going on. There always seems to be something to do and somewhere to go. One of my favorite finds has to the koi pond downtown, on the corner of Mountain and Main Street. It is such a cool addition to downtown that brings beauty and nature back into the town. I have to stop there and see the fish every time I go downtown. Being new to Kernersville has been an interesting adjustment. Even though I am away from my family and taking on new challenges by myself, this town has helped the transition. It gives just enough for me to discover that I do not get bored or restless, but not so much happening that I feel overwhelmed. The people that I have met, although only few, have been very nice and welcoming, even offering kind smiles when I was stressed out because I had gotten myself turned around, again!

From everything I have learned about Kernersville, and everything I am continuing to learn, I am happy to be a part of such a community. As I continue building a life here, I am excited to further explore all of what Kernersville has to offer. From the community events to strolling through downtown, it seems like a pretty good place to be!

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