Aligned Health + Wellness: Improving Quality of Life for Neuropathy Sufferers

by Amber Mabe

Exciting things are happening at Aligned Health and Wellness in Kernersville. Though Dr. Joshua Katz, D.C. and Dr. Jessica Katz, D.C. have been practicing chiropractic medicine in the Triad for the last sixteen years, a recent shift in focus has opened the door for patients to find relief who had often been suffering without hope. Neuropathy, a condition affecting millions of Americans, damages the peripheral nerves and can severely impact a person’s quality of life.

Prior to 2019, Dr. Joshua and Dr. Jessica felt they had little to offer patients who came to them suffering from neuropathy induced numbness, tingling, burning in their feet/hands. It quickly became clear to them that traditional chiropractic treatments would not be enough. “In June of 2019, I was in a seminar in Chicago, and I learned about a doctor who was using evidence-based protocols to treat neuropathy, and who had over a 90 percent success rate,” says Dr. Joshua. “So I did a little research, interviewed with him, and read the evidence-based research that the protocols were based on.” After training in specialized methods of treating neuropathy, Aligned Health and Wellness began offering neuropathy treatments as an addition to their chiropractic practice. As the number of neuropathy patients began to outgrow the chiropractic patients, it became obvious that it was time for a shift in focus. 

In April of this year, Aligned Health and Wellness of Kernersville moved to a new building at 663 Gralin Street. The new facility offers an improved layout, allowing for specific spaces necessary for treating a high volume of neuropathy patients. It also accommodates the extra staff that have been brought on in response to the practice’s growth and success in treating neuropathy. “In our old clinic, we were more of a chiropractic clinic that was treating neuropathy. Now we really have a neuropathy clinic that still does some chiropractic,” says Dr. Joshua. “So the layout of the new facility is different, because neuropathy is not treated with the chiropractic adjustment, but with special modalities and treatments.” 

This new clinic will allow Dr. Joshua and Dr. Jessica to help more people than ever combat their neuropathy. With proper treatment, neuropathy can even be reversed–a fact that brings special joy to both doctor and patient. Nerve repair, reduced pain, increased mobility and balance, and restored sensations are just a few of the ways that Aligned Health and Wellness has helped patients reclaim their quality of life through consistent neuropathy treatments. “I just love doing what we do,” says Dr. Joshua. “I love helping people this way.”

If you or someone you know think you may be suffering from neuropathy, visit or call 336-390-9400 or to set up a consultation and take the first step to reclaiming control over your health.

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