Kernersville Cares

By Sabrina Church

For many years, Kernersville has been known as “The Heart of the Triad.” It is known as that because it sits in the center of Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point. The second reason why it is so called is because of all the caring hearts of the people who live in Kernersville.

I was born and raised in Kernersville, and for the last 38 years I have had the honor of witnessing how kind the people in Kernersville truly are. Over the years we have seen Kernersville slowly grow, but here lately it seems like there has been a huge spike in Kernersville’s population! I am not one who typically likes change (change is hard for me), so it has been a little heartbreaking to see some of the houses, buildings, businesses, and even trees get torn down and replaced by something new. The town I once knew no longer looks exactly like the same town I have known for years. We have new businesses opening, new roads being made, and more people in our little town than ever before.

I am thankful for social media platforms that help keep the people of Kernersville connected. Recently one night while I was scrolling

through one of the platforms, I saw a post from a Kernersville lady wanting to help a man who is homeless, and he was sleeping on one of the benches outside. She was able to help him have at least one warm night in a hotel, then she got on social media and let people know about her plan.

After people heard about his situation many, many, other Kernersvillians decided in their hearts to give as well. They helped this man have more nights in a warm hotel and food in his belly. Not only that, but people really started to befriend him.

This touching story spoke volumes to my heart. It made me think about the history of Kernersville and our town’s roots. Throughout Kernersville’s existence our town has changed tremendously. In 1871 the population of Kernersville was 147, in 1880 the population was close to 500, by 1888 the population was 1,000, and now in 2024 (according to google) the population is 26,793. Over the course of time our buildings have changed, houses have been built and torn down, and new things have been put in their place; but the thing that has remained the same (and I believe will continue to remain the same) are the caring hearts of the Kernersville people. Kernersville has changed but we are still the heart of the Triad, and that will never change!

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