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By Amber Mabe

It has been said that there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. But any car owner will tell you that there is indeed a third certainty, auto repairs. When the inevitable day comes, and your check engine light turns on, or you have a tire that leaks, or you come outside one morning to find a car that just will not start, you want to know that you can take your vehicle to someone trustworthy and affordable. With more than two dozen auto repair shops in Kernersville alone, how can you know that you are making the best choice for your car and your budget? At Beamer Tire and Auto Repair, owner Doug Beamer and his team have put safety and affordability at the top of their priority list.

With over 40 years in the automotive business, Doug’s experiences have led him all over the Carolinas. After graduating from Elon University with degrees in business management and accounting, Doug was immediately hired as a manager for a Goodyear automotive service center. Over the next few decades, he would travel around the Carolinas, managing various Goodyear shops and other dealerships, gaining a broad range of experience in the automotive care industry. By going through Goodyear’s management training programs, and his added independent study, Doug devoted himself to learning as much as he could about how to give customers the best service possible while breaking the stigma that auto repair shops are only looking to make sales.

When the opportunity came for him to open his own shop in 2009, Doug knew it was his chance to make a difference in the community and put into practice everything he had learned.

Beamer Tire and Auto Repair opened in High Point and has since expanded into Greensboro and finally, Kernersville. When approached about opening the Kernersville store, Doug said he had an especially good feeling about the tight-knit community. “It is a good, solid town,” he says, “and the people here are just different. Whatever Kernersville has going on, we try to get involved, because that is what it means to be part of a community.” Whether it is by sponsoring local golf tournaments or participating in community parades and other events, Doug, and the Beamer Tire and Auto Repair family, are always seeking ways to build real connections with their customers and the people of Kernersville.

Whether inside the shop or out, relationships are what make Beamer Tire stand out from the crowd. Rather than acting as salespersons, the staff take on an advisory role, helping customers determine what repairs are right for their needs and budget. “The bottom line is being invested in a customer’s general well-being,” says Doug. “Keeping you safe is our first objective, and if we can save you money at the same time, that is our second objective; to be as cost efficient as possible.” You will not find tires or auto parts in the waiting areas. Instead, everything has been designed to make both male and female customers feel comfortable and safe. With over two-thirds of the customers that walk through their door being women, Doug and his team ensure that each one is treated as well as they would want their own family member to be treated. “I have been using their oil change and alignment service since 2019,” says one customer. “If you are new in the Triad and do not know where to go for your car, you can be sure that the people at Beamer Tire will provide you the best service for your money.”

As the coldest months continue and morph into spring rainstorms, there are a few tips that Doug and his team want to share to keep you safe and your car in great shape.

With temperatures swinging between above and below freezing, it is all too common for rain to turn to freezing rain overnight. If you are driving home in the rain, be sure to turn your wiper system off before turning off your car, allowing the blades to return to their original position. Too often, wipers that are left raised against the windshield will

freeze to the windshield, causing damage to the wiper system when the car starts and the wipers attempt to move. A simple double-check can save you a potentially costly repair.

Tire pressure monitors are a wonderful thing and make tire maintenance easier than ever. You may notice that your tire pressure light comes on when the temperature drops in the winter. Colder air is denser air, and molecules move more slowly. This often results in a small drop in air pressure in your tires. The safest course of action is to check all four tires, making sure the loss was even and not the result of a puncture or leak. A bit of extra air should be added if your tires have dropped below the recommended psi, in order to maintain optimum
tire functionality.

Few things are more frustrating than coming out on a cold winter morning to find that your car will not start. It is a common misconception that batteries are more likely to die in cold weather, with extreme heat actually being much more damaging to the overall life of the battery. Still, it is always a good idea to have your battery inspected about every six months. This will help prevent unexpected delays, or worse, becoming stranded in freezing weather with a dead battery.

Perhaps the most unexpected piece of advice from Doug and his crew is that winter is not the time to put off servicing your air conditioning system. Though this may seem counterintuitive, the air conditioning system in your car is actually responsible for managing moisture. You may notice that a car without functioning air conditioning will have trouble de-fogging the inside of windows during the winter. This is because even when using heat or defrost, the part of the air conditioning system that reduces humidity in the vehicle is engaged, helping to de-fog windows quickly for better visibility. Though it may be tempting to put off air condition servicing until warmer weather, year-round functionality is a safer choice.

As with any time of year, be sure to regularly check your vehicles fluids, tire tread, and be aware of any changes in warning lights or functionality. If you have any concerns or questions, the advisors at Beamer Tire and Auto Repair are happy to help. “[Beamer Tire] is seriously amazing,” says one customer. “They are quick, respectful and honest. They are always less than anywhere else I have ever been to and go above and beyond to make sure all my needs are met…I am a forever customer.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit or call their Kernersville location at 336-515-3381.

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