What’s Happening

By Ernie Pages

Hello my fellow Kernersville Magazine reader. This is your friendly, neighborhood Parks and Recreation Director filling in while Heather, your regular monthly author, is out. So, I am going to take advantage of this moment to let you know “What’s Happening.”

Let’s see, where to start? Oh! Let’s talk about that Buc-ee’s being built in Kernersville. Wait, What?! Nah, just pulling your leg! I am talking about the Kernersville Recreation and Event Center. I know there are a ton of questions, but for now, I will stick to the basics. The project is currently about 45% complete (give or take). The lack of rain and the warm weather this past fall allowed the team to make incredible headway. Drive by the site, and you can see that all the exterior walls have been placed and secured. All the steel girders in the roof have been installed and welded in place, the building’s roof deck panels are installed, and all the interior rooms are now “dry.” The team has been busy constructing all the interior walls and external window framing. The next step will include the delivery of our HVAC units and the installation of ductwork and vents. On a larger scale, the team has been attempting to fine grade the parking lot in order to lay the first layer of gravel and pour the curb and gutter. Recent rains, however, have delayed those plans. When are we able to see and use the building? Well, as I am writing this, the timeline has placed completion one month earlier than expected! However, a bad winter could flip that in the other direction quickly. Next time, we will tell you about impact and future plans for the building.

Let me tell you about the parks! It is not just the Recreation Center getting attention, the parks are too! The first park that you will see get some attention will be Harmon Park. In the coming weeks, if not days, the Lions Club Shelter at the park will be demolished. No need to fear, we will be moving the location about eight feet Southwest to get it away from the tree roots and installing a brand-new Lion’s Club shelter. The next park undergoing some improvements will be Fourth of July Park. I know, I know. We just renovated the basketball court and are in the midst of repairing the skate park, why more? It is our most loved park! Therefore, we must do our best to keep it in the best shape. In the coming months, we will be renovating a majority of the walking paths and expanding the swings at the playground!

Isn’t this great? If you are as excited as I am, just wait until you read about what is going on at the Paul J Ciener Botanical Garden! Since the theme thus far has been construction and facility improvements, let’s start there! Did you hear that the Town received a state grant to continue the implementation of the Garden’s master plan? Yep! At the moment, the Garden Foundation is working with the McAdams company to establish a conceptual plan for an onsite nursery. Once the concepts are completed and approved, the Town will step in to construct this new amenity at the Garden using grant funding. Once complete, the nursery will not only serve to grow plants and flowers but also as a new teaching space for upcoming horticulturalists and garden enthusiasts. Speaking of horticulturalists and garden enthusiasts, the garden will be hosting its first ever “Rooted in the Triad” symposium this spring. The spring symposium will be held on Saturday, March 2 from 8:30am to 1:00pm. Symposium speakers will be Durham Garden member, Keith Lukowski, as well as, Plantsman, Author, and Lecturer: Jenks Farmer. If you too are a horticulturalist, garden enthusiast, or both and want to attend, all you have to do is visit the Paul J Ciener Botanical Garden website and register.

Until next time my Kernersville friends, this is your Neighborhood Parks and Recreation Director reminding you to play often, play fair, and play on!

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