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By Dr. Joshua Katz

What is peripheral neuropathy?
This is defined as damage to the nerves of the periphery…. The nerves outside the brain and spinal cord.

I have been told there is nothing that can be done for peripheral neuropathy. Is this true?
This is something a lot of neuropathy sufferers have been told. The reality is there is not a single medication ever created that cures neuropathy. If patients are looking within the bounds of the western allopathic model, they are not going to find anything that addresses the underlying pathology of their neuropathy. That does not mean nothing can be done. More on that below.

What do medications prescribed for neuropathy do?
Medications focus on trying to reduce symptoms for patients. The problem is they do nothing to stop the progression of the underlying condition and as the neuropathy gets worse, the medication becomes less and less effective.

I have already tried everything and not one thing has worked, so how can what you do
help me?

On a cellular level, the nerve tissues need oxygen and nutrients (just like any other cell) to be able to rebuild and repair themselves effectively. The body is constantly rebuilding and repairing itself and when there is enough oxygen and nutrients, that process keeps our cells healthy. In most cases of neuropathy, the nerve cells are not getting enough oxygen and nutrients to sustain their health, let alone repair damaged tissues. We help the nerves heal by getting them the oxygen and nutrients they have been void of so that they
can heal.

If there is a cure, why does my doctor not recommend it?
Honestly, it is not because they don’t want to help you. Many physicians are simply unaware of the technologies that exist and the studies illustrating their effectiveness. We love working with patient’s PCP’s to let them know our findings with patients, our treatment recommendations, and outcomes.

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