A Different Kind of Contractor

By Amber Mabe

Some might traditionally say that February is the time for dreaming of love and romance. However, for the lovers of spring and summer, the garden planners, barbecue enthusiasts, and outdoor entertainers, February is the perfect time to start planning and prepping outdoor spaces for the warmer months. Zachary Grist and his team at Northern Contracting are excited to help homeowners in the Triad get a head start on planning the decks and porches of which they have been dreaming. Once completed, these projects become special places where satisfied customers can spend many relaxing hours with friends and loved ones for years to come.

From as far back as he can remember, Zachary was accompanying his father, a skilled general contractor, to worksites and soaking in everything he could about the trade. When Zachary was sixteen, he began working diligently in his own right, pursuing the path that would lead him to opening his own contracting business in early 2023. Now, at just twenty-four years old, Zachary uses his years of experience to lead a team of knowledgeable contractors with a goal to stand out from the crowd as a trustworthy and dedicated crew.

Although knowledgeable in many areas of general contracting and home improvement thanks to the mentorship of his father and uncle, Zachary has zeroed in on decks and porches, specializing in creating unique and customized outdoor spaces for his clients. Using only the best materials and utilizing modern technology to streamline the process, Zachary and his team bring their customers’ visions to life with precision and attention to detail. “Specializing in decks and porches makes us unique, because it allows us to educate our customers, know what we are doing, and perfect our installations,” says Zachary. “We are very knowledgeable about our products, so if a customer comes to us and has a question, I am able to answer it, my crew lead is able to answer it, and most of my crew members are also able to answer it, which I think is really important.”

Each project begins with a consultation with the homeowner, where Zachary listens to the homeowner’s desires and any special concerns and takes the time to look at the details of the property in person. Using Shapr3D technology, Zachary then makes a 3D model of the proposed project, allowing both parties to envision the final project in detail. Within 48 hours of the consultation, homeowners receive a custom turnkey quote, leaving no worries about surprise costs. Once a contract is signed, a project goes on the schedule, which is usually 6-8 weeks from the starting point. Part of what makes the team at Northern Contracting special is the fact that none of their labor is subcontracted to workers outside their company. This seemingly small choice creates a marked difference in consistency of work quality, building of customer trust, and development of expertise within the company. “We want to dispel the idea that those in the construction industry are rough people,” says Zachary. “We want to create a culture of solid professionals; a good group of good people who do their jobs, and who homeowners feel comfortable having around.” If customer reviews are any indication, Zachary’s team has succeeded in their goal of setting the bar high for professionalism and character quality. “These young men are very professional and very good at what they do,” says one satisfied client. “You cannot go wrong by having them do your home project. I will always recommend them.”
Not only are the team members of Northern Contracting of the highest quality, but they also use only the highest quality materials in their builds. They offer premium pressure treated options for budget-friendly projects and recommend TimberTech decking as their long-lasting PVC product of choice. Using these materials, Northern Contracting creates long-lasting structures that are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to maintain. Zachary believes that using well-selected materials is important to maintaining consistency and gives him peace of mind that his clients have received the best product possible. Building a relationship with TimberTech, he has gone so far as to visit the production facilities and observe their research and development processes. TimberTech’s warranties, customer service practices, and environmentally friendly sustainability are just a few of the reasons Zachary and his team have chosen them as their go-to product. “We had Zach come out and replace two old decks on the back of our house after they were becoming unsafe. The new decks were done with TimberTech PVC and look amazing. All new railings and mounts will make this deck last and be safer for us for years to come,” shares one customer. “We have some other projects we are looking to do on our house … Northern Contacting NC will be the first call we make for those as well.”

Though thrilled at the growth of his business and the ever-expanding list of satisfied customers and completed projects, for Zachary, owning a business has always been about more than building decks. Being the difference he wants to see in the world and making a difference in both the lives of his employees, and the quality of life for each of his customers has always been top priority. Zachary says some of his favorite projects were ones that helped his clients gain better access to their homes or outdoor spaces, using his skills to make someone else’s life a little bit easier. When it comes to his employees, Zachary’s goal was to create an environment where ingenuity and creativity would flourish. “We are a Christian based company, and we all share the same values,” Zachary says. “But everyone is created differently. I want to utilize everyone’s different skills and not be afraid if they want to do something a little differently than I might do it.” This foundation of trust and infusion of personal responsibility into each of his employees has created a tight-knit and well-rounded team. It might be tempting to underestimate the youthful contracting team, but this would be a big mistake.

“Specializing in decks and porches makes us unique, because it allows us to educate our customers, know what we are doing, and perfect our installations.” – Zachary Grist

Reaching out to young people interested in learning the trade is something Zachary feels passionate about, and he hopes to invest in young people the same way his mentors invested in him. “I remember being at the age where I did not know what I wanted to do with my life,” he says, “and I want to be able to help young people in that position. Even if they do not end up doing this as a lifetime career, maybe they will find something they are interested in along the way.” He says he is always looking for opportunities to meet new young people who might be interested in learning the trade as part of his team.

Whether you are looking to improve an old deck, build a new structure, or simply see more of the wonderful work Northern Contracting has done across the Triad, check them out on social media, at www.NorthernContractingNC.com, or call 336.250.5657 for more information.

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