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By Ashley Sinclair

As the day’s stretch longer and the warm embrace of summer settles over Kernersville, there is no better way to bask in the enchantment of twilight than with the Kernersville Chamber’s Music at Twilight Summer concert series. Set against the idyllic backdrop of the Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden, this series promises an unforgettable experience of live music, community camaraderie, and natural beauty on the last Thursday of June, July, and August.

Each month, the concert series spotlights local talent, offering a platform for musicians to showcase their artistry and captivate audiences with their melodies. June kicks off with the soulful sounds of local artist Alex Ottaway, followed by the vibrant rhythms of the Chuck Dale Smith Band in July, and concluding with the dynamic performance of Ikey Moser in August. With each performance, attendees are treated to a diverse array of musical genres, ensuring there is something to delight every musical palate.

Adding to the festivities, local food trucks Southern Noodle and La Monona tantalize taste buds with their delicious offerings, while Gypsy Road Brewery provides refreshing local brews and the Kernersville Chamber serves up wine, fostering a true spirit of community support and collaboration. Admission to Music at Twilight is free for all, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to partake in this summer soirée.

Music at Twilight is more than just a concert series—it is a celebration of community and culture. Attendees are invited to bring their friends, family, blankets, and chairs to spread out on the grass, creating a cozy picnic atmosphere where laughter and conversation flow freely amidst the beauty of nature. While at first glance, Music at Twilight may seem like a simple gathering of music enthusiasts, its profound impact on Kernersville’s economy and overall well-being cannot be overlooked.

One of the most immediate economic benefits of Music at Twilight is its ability to attract visitors from both near and far. As word spreads about the enchanting atmosphere and high-caliber performances offered at the concert series, individuals and families from neighboring towns and cities are drawn to Kernersville to experience the magic for themselves. This influx of visitors not only boosts foot traffic to local businesses but also generates revenue for restaurants, shops, and other establishments in the area.

Music at Twilight not only serves as a powerful marketing tool for Kernersville, showcasing the town’s cultural vibrancy and community cohesion to a broader audience, but it also fosters a sense of pride and belonging among residents. Through social media posts, word-of-mouth recommendations, and coverage in local publications, the event raises awareness of Kernersville as a desirable destination for residents, tourists, and prospective businesses alike, contributing to the town’s overall brand identity and attracting investment opportunities. Additionally, by providing a platform for local musicians and community members to come together in celebration, Music at Twilight strengthens social ties, bolsters civic engagement, and fosters a resilient and prosperous community where residents are invested in the town’s future success.

In addition to its economic and social benefits, Music at Twilight also supports Kernersville’s broader goals for sustainable development and environmental stewardship. Held in the serene setting of the Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden, the event encourages attendees to connect with nature and appreciate the importance of preserving green spaces within urban environments. Furthermore, by promoting the use of local vendors and sustainable practices, such as waste reduction and recycling, Music at Twilight exemplifies Kernersville’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

As Music at Twilight continues to evolve and grow, its impact on Kernersville’s economic development will only become more pronounced. By leveraging the event’s success to attract additional sponsorships, partnerships, and grant funding, the Kernersville Chamber can further expand its programming and invest in initiatives that promote job creation, business innovation, and community prosperity. The success of Music at Twilight would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. Parks Buick GMC, Bryan Medical and Wellness, Shepherd’s Center, Pierce-Jefferson Funeral & Cremation Service, and TexTech Industries are valued partners whose contributions help make this event a highlight of Kernersville’s summer calendar.

Ultimately, Music at Twilight serves as a shining example of how the arts can be a catalyst for economic growth and community development. By harnessing the power of music to bring people together, stimulate local commerce, and showcase the town’s unique identity, Kernersville is not only enriching the lives of its residents but also laying the foundation for a vibrant and sustainable future.

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