Ellington Jewelers: A Trusted Team

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by Patty Jo Sawvel  ~  From the baseball diamond to diamond jewelry, this trusted team has hit a home run in Kernersville…  When Bruce Hutchins signed up his son, Matthew for Little League, he did not just drop him at the field,  he actually joined the team himself as the assistant coach.  The following year, when the coach stepped aside, Bruce stepped up.  He quickly earned the trust of the players and their parents.

“The tendency,” Bruce explained, “is for coaches to advance the interests of their own child.  But I did not do that.  Matthew had to earn his place just like everyone else.”

Parents were quickly convinced that Bruce would put the players in the position that best served the whole team.  And, indeed, in the first year under Bruce’s leadership, the team made it all the way to the championships.  The following year, the team was undefeated and claimed the championship!

However, more was gained than the trophy.  Bruce won the hearts of his Kernersville neighbors because they witnessed his fairness and honesty under test.  So when Bruce—a jeweler by trade with 15 years of experience—decided to open his own jewelry store in Kernersville, these Little League parents were among his first customers.

Now, 14 years after Bruce’s four-year involvement with Little League, the players are visiting Ellington Jewelers.  Those awkward 9-12 year olds have grown-up and are ready to claim the gem of their lives.  They trust Bruce and his beautiful bride and business partner, Angie to find them the “perfect” engagement ring.

One such player, and now assistant vice-president of a bank, Neal Parnell said, “He earned my trust when I was playing ball, but he earned my trust as a jeweler when he took two days to educate me about engagement rings.  Then he custom created a ring that my fiancé, Lindsey, found on the Internet.  Lindsey was ecstatic!”

That was four years ago.  However, in the past three months, three other ball players have come in—unbeknownst to each other—to buy engagement rings for their brides from the guy who can coach them to make their best choice.

Most people hear about Ellington Jewelers from friends and family.  Mac Clement, the father of twin 17-year-olds, heard about Ellington’s from friends at church.

“I really like the personal attention that I get from Bruce and Angie.  They can help me find jewelry for my daughters that is different and stands out.  They also help me find gifts for my wife who is more traditional in her taste,” Mac shared.

Actually, the variety of jewelry amazes most people the first time they step into the store.  Located at 123 N. Main Street in Historic Downtown Kernersville—this rather long and narrow treasure chest is home to over 21 popular collections such as; Le Vian, O.W.L., La Costa Organic Jewelry, Bulova, Gabriel & Co. of New York, and the new Endless Jewelry collection.

“Endless Jewelry,” explained Angie Hutchins “was created by Jesper Nielsen, the CEO at Pandora.  Now he has launched his own brand globally and we have the exclusive rights for Kernersville, Walkertown, Colfax, and Oak Ridge.”

Kay Bare was waiting for the first shipment of Endless Jewelry at the time of this writing and said, “I call this jewelry my ‘good’ fashion jewelry.  I can use it to dress up or down and it is affordable.”

Kay also loves the Kameleon collection.  She claims that having three Kameleon rings is really like having 30 rings because she can quickly replace the “jewel pops” to match the color of her outfit.  She recently bought her 5-year-old great-niece a Kameleon necklace for Sunday wear.  Her first jewel pop sports a tiny turtle and she loves it.

Unbelievably, those four walls at Ellington Jewelers holds another treasure—estate jewelry.  This has become the favorite section for Jennifer Harris.

“I saw a beautiful ruby bracelet,” whispered Jennifer.  “It was stunning!  I never would have dreamed that I could own it, but Angie told me I could put it on layaway.  That is when my addiction began.  They are making my dreams come true.”

Jennifer also said that Ellington’s shopping experience is different.  “When I walk into other stores, I sometimes feel like a target.  But Bruce and Angie make me feel like a neighbor and friend.  I have been into a lot of jewelry stores and Ellington’s is the most wonderful place of all.”

Some people do not go to Ellington’s looking for estate jewelry, because they have their own.  Such is the case with Camilla Casault.  Her father passed away in 1977 and his heirloom quality gold initialed cufflinks sat in a box collecting dust until last year.

“Had I given each of my children one of their grandfather’s cufflinks,” explained Camilla, “it likely would have just sat in the bottom of their jewelry box.  But instead, Bruce custom crafted a beautiful necklace for my daughter—and the ‘C’ works perfectly because her first name begins with a ‘C’—and a gorgeous ID bracelet for my son.  We gave the family jewelry a new life!”

Because Bruce and Angie live in Kernersville—Bruce actually grew up in Kernersville and graduated from East Forsyth High School—they often see their clients around town.  While they cannot be all places at all times, Kernersville neighbors often see traces of Ellington Jewelers even when Bruce and Angie are not there.

Charlene Caudill noted, “The first time I really met Ellington Jewelers was when I attended an auction to benefit Next Step Ministries.  I won the bid on a ring they had donated.  I went to Ellington’s to learn more about my ring and I have been going back ever since.”

In fact, Ellington Jewelers is known to be a trusted team player when it comes to supporting the programs that support the Kernersville community.  They regularly donate jewelry or funds to The Shepherd’s Center, Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club, YMCA, Little League, and more.

As Angie said, “The Lord has blessed us with work we love to do and a community that supports us.  I thank the Lord for continuing to pour out His blessings.”

Award-winning journalist Patty Jo Sawvel can be contacted at pjsawvel@gmail.com.


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