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chamberjuly14by Chris Comer

Investing in our children is the best thing we can do.  For those of us who have finished our formal education we now recognize there is nothing more important than getting a good education.  Each year, for the past 5 years, the Chamber of Commerce has worked with local restaurants to involve the community and restaurant community in Eating for Education.  Up to 10% of restaurant proceeds will benefit the Educational Grants for the 2014-15 school year.

Participating schools who are eligible to receive grants in the coming school year are Caleb’s Creek, Cash, Kernersville, Piney Grove, Sedge Garden, Smith Farm, Union Cross Elementary schools; East Forsyth, Kernersville, Southeast Middle Schools; East Forsyth and Glenn High Schools and the North Carolina Leadership Academy.

The Educational grant program began in 2004 when Bruce Boyer and Monica Young, representing the chamber, asked for donations to fund projects that were excellent learning tools, but were not in the schools budget that year.  Over 200 grants later, Eating for Educations participating restaurants as well as local businesses and individuals will contribute to fulfill over 40 grants that the teachers will request this year alone.

The process is not taken lightly.  Thanks to dedicated volunteers, teachers from participating schools can currently download the application from the chamber website,, to apply.  Volunteers will read each grant and go through a process to award the grants in late October, early November.  Winners will receive a surprise visit from the chamber volunteers and educators to let them know of their award.

With guidelines, budgets, and circumstances constantly changing there can never be too many opportunities to learn.  Many of the principals and teachers take time out of their schedules to not only eat at participating restaurants but to thank those that are Eating for Education!

Grants given out last year range from:

• Story Works Program

• Resource Cabinet for entire K staff

• Genetic/Organism Lesson (Science)

• Wind Experiment (Science)

• Cross Country Track (PE)

• Dollhouses (Life Skills)

• Class Set Novels (NC Literature)

• Molecule Modeling (Chemistry)

• Hispanic & Global Ebooks (English)

• Graphic Novel Genre Addition (Media)

• Samsung Tablets – (Reading)

• K’NEX Roller Coaster Kits (Math)

• Poetry Songwriting Unit (Lang Arts)

• Geo Safari Talking Globes

• Light table

• iPad Mini

This is just another example of our community continuing to rally around our businesses and children.  We hope you will join us at a participating restaurant on July 9, August 13, and September 10.

Please don’t hesitate to visit the website or call 336-993-4521 with any questions or for more information.


Eat At A Participating Restaurant This Summer

July 9  •  August 13  •  September 10

Restaurants that support Eating for Education during the three days: 

• 421 Market and Grill

• Bistro B

• Captain Toms

• Domino’s Pizza

• East Coast Wings

• Fitz on Main

• Sonic

• J Peppers

• Low Price Mart & The Grill

• Giadas Trattoria

• Outwest Steak House

• Papa John’s Pizza

• Sixty Six Pizzeria

• Subway: All Four Locations*

• Sagebrush Steakhouse

• The Loop Pizza Grill

* Piney Grove Plaza, Wal-Mart, South Main, & Union Cross

Each restaurant will have an A-frame sign in front of their business a week prior to remind you.  Our children are our future.  Please enjoy an evening out while giving back to your community through Eating for Education.



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